Manufactured from sheet steel and fully welded construction this range of unit privdes the ideal solution where power distribution is required within the sometimes harsh conditions of construction and industrial sites. All switchgear and termination points are housed behind a removable internal access plate and comes with an outer door to afford added protection. All units within this range are uitable for indoor or outdoor use and can be configured to suit individual customers requirements. Features include:

  • 125A, 200A 400A and 800A Versions
  • Isobar (Merlin Gerin) Pan Assemblies
  • Removable Aluminium Gland Plates
  • Variable Earth Leakage Protection (optional)
  • Facility for additional devices, i.e. timers etc.

Transformers. (Centre tapped earth)

Metal case site transformers available in most configurations and sizes. Either single phase (230V-110V) or 3 phase (400V-110V)


110V Standard and Emergency fluorescent 2ft (600mm) and 5ft (1200mm) non Corrosives rated to IP65 are designed for both internal and external site applications. Can be supplied pre wired and complete with lamps to make them ready to use straight away from the box. Thus saving hours when on site. (Standard Cable length is 2 meters but available unwired on request)

Other equipment available

  • Cable Assemblies
  • RCD and switched interlock sockets
  • Special Panels
  • Change over panels (both manual and automatic)
  • Bulk head lighting
  • Floodlighting
  • Plugs and couplers

AMF/ATS Panels

Change-over Panels. Automatic and Manual change over panels utilising switches, contractors or circuit breakers can be supplied. Hused within a variety of materials to suit each application whether it be a fixed or temporary installation. Available from 25A through to 3200A.